Yet, it constitutes a huge treasure regarding the female world and the expression of female feelings in this culture. When I told her that the lady could sue him to get support, she was greatly surprised and told me that the law did not provide for this at all. All of this takes place on several informal occasions and in reunions for family celebrations, in sanctuaries or during pilgrimages, usually in private spaces and only for other women. They would address aisha with the questions they found awkward or too bold to ask. In short, Nedjma justifies her use of sexual discourse claiming that sex is a part of human nature. If the contract is validated by a ruler, it is not allowed to be annulled. Stanford University Press,
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Sahih Al-Bukhari

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One such example is the Queen of Sheba whose story is told by Allah in the Qur'an. Other studies linking gender to differences in the use of the codeswitching are: Indeed, Moroccan female authors are the first to take in charge this type of literature. Yet the distinction is far from being due to any belief in a deficiency of the woman's humanity and integrity. As for the marriage of the Prophet blessings and peace be upon him to nine women, it was something restricted and specified by Allah for him for the Islamic call and for the nation's need of them after his passing away. Secondly, Allah has delegated the man to be the family provider. Rather, the mistake was theirs both, and both of them repented and asked for forgiveness:
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The Status of Women in Islam

It is more in the nature of things to accept a woman's testimony in this case so long as she is reputed to be honest, accurate and mindful. The Prophet blessings and peace be upon him asked him, "Have you repaid her? Besides, some writers try even to employ some strategies to cover up with their goals. Islam has kept the distinct, independent personality of the woman as it is, and that is the reason we know the Messenger's wives by their own names. If Muslims follow them and keep them, divorce will be greatly limited. A case study of Irbid city, Jordan. If he stays or has his lust consumed, he should expiate by going to the one he treated unfairly and staying at her place the same time he stayed with the first woman.
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One of them even suggests her father hire Moses, as he is a strong and honest man. That does not signify that the woman's work outside her home is forbidden by Islamic Law. She said, "I used to carry date pits on my head from Al-Zubeir's land-my husband's-while I lived in Medina, and it was about two thirds of a league from Medina. Whatever the transgression of some people in that realm, it will never reach the evil to which the Westerners have lowered themselves by considering the moral polygamy a crime while allowing the immoral promiscuity. Briefly speaking, investigating the field of erotic fiction gives us more insights about what is banned in a given society and how the characters reflect the sufferance of the members in this society.
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